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TimeCard module files, for the latest release of DotProject Version: 2.10 beta - release August 2007

1- Download the following single file to your hard disk drive, it contains all 15 TimeCard module files:


2- Upload to webserver - i.e. website

3- Installation and configuration

4- After installation, and deployment:

5- After successful use and benefit


TimeCard is a great application. It will help you organize many things, and it is also built on the "project" and "task"...so you need first to have projects created, tasks created inside projects, then you will be able to use the TimeCard to assign hourly work time to a task, including fractions of the hour. It calculate your work time on a weekly basis.

Download, and enjoy :)

I made this file out of our discussion to help new users get all files easily, without the need to download each single file off its own CVS page.


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Last updated: August 22, 2008